Monday, November 9, 2009

Hallelujah! (Spoiler Alerts for "How I Met Your Mother" & "Big Bang")

After a crap day of work, I was elated to find that Robin and Barney broke up (finally . . . thank God). The show gained a little bit of its funny back. It was like a huge weight was lifted!

"Big Bang" was awesome as usual. For the record, I totally side with Leonard. If his ex-girlfriend crashed on his couch and he didn't tell Penny until the last minute, she would have a cow. It's common courtesy to ask your significant other. Stuart (the comic book guy) was as sweet and funny as ever, and the line about Howard being the closest thing to the Koothrappalis' daughter-in-law was priceless!

Only two more days till "Glee"!

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