Monday, April 5, 2010

Fully Functional Nerd Lair

Wow . . . it's been awhile. For awhile there, there wasn't a whole lot of nerdy stuff going on. And then, when there was, we were busy with apartment issues and road trips and working a ton.

On the movie front, we went to see Shutter Island, which was awesome. I am continually impressed with Leonardo DiCaprio's acting skills. I was not one of those girls in the early-to-mid 90s that was totally in love with him. I totally expected him to go the way of other teen heart throb actors, a la Rider Strong (who I did love, by the way), Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Devon Sawa. (Clearly, I did not read Tiger Beat because I actually had to look up "90s teen heart throbs" on Google. The only one I remembered off-hand was Rider Strong because I had such a huge crush on him.) Anyway . . . DiCaprio is actually a very good actor (and became better looking as he aged, in my humble opinion) and survived the teen actor curse very well. I don't want to give anything away about the actual film, so I'll just say go see it.

We also saw The Crazies, which I loved (and was FAR better than I expected.) I have not seen the original, although I do want to eventually. It is a little hard to find at the moment, but I expect that it will become more readily available with the release of the new one. (If we're lucky, they might even include it as an extra on the DVD!) The great thing about this film is that it kept you jumping through the whole movie (even after the credits!). There was very little lag time and you never knew who was going to suddenly turn into a "crazy". The circumstances are a little more believable than zombie films, due to the Standesque biological warfare gone wrong angle.

The best and most nerdy thing that happened recently was the development of Kris's nerd lair. For the better part of our cohabitation, his closet has been a swirling vortex of computer parts and random crap. I finally got fed up with it and promised him that if he cleaned it out, I would buy him a Star Wars comforter. He got into an organizing frenzy and even cleaned off his desk, moving his favorite toys to a glass display shelf. We were also able to hang up the X-Wing kite he received for Christmas, which made the room complete. Here is the lair in all its geektastic glory:

The awesome comforter:

The X-Wing:

The toy shelf:

Kris's R2-D2 trash can:

Kris and Sullivan in the lair:

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