Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News and Upcoming Events

So, remember him? He is also a geek, and since he is way more into computers and video games than I am, I've decided to have him guest post once in awhile. He will be doing tech and video game reviews, and as a bonus, we will have an "Ask the IT Guy" feature, where he will answer whatever computer questions you may have. Just post your question in the comments section of the most recent post and he will post the answer!

On the toy front: Awhile back, I got a cute little Alice in Wonderland plush doll and then, just a few weeks ago, we found a Green Lantern one at Borders that was almost identical. Turns out, these little guys are made by Funko (famous for pop culture bobbleheads) and Entertainment Earth has a bunch of them! They have everything from Lord of the Rings to Universal monsters to Wizard of Oz, along with tons of Star Wars bobbleheads. My personal favorite is this guy (available for pre-order and expected to arrive in October):

Finally, October is quickly approaching and as a horror movie fan, this is an exciting time for me. New horror flicks are already being released in theaters and, as always, AMC will have their Fearfest towards the end of the month. And, drum roll please . . . this year, we will be having our own "Geek Fright Fest"! I will post a horror movie review each day in the month of October. The reviews will be fairly in depth, but I will refrain from divulging major spoilers. I will include the MPAA rating as well as a "Fright" scale. Suggestions are highly appreciated, so if you have a favorite scary movie (or a horror flick you've been wanting to see), post it in the comments and more than likely, you'll see it reviewed! Our Fright Fest will culminate with a review of the "Walking Dead" premiere on October 31st.

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