Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mind the Gap

It feels like it's been forever since I wrote a real post! With inventory last week and taking the weekend off to relax, I haven't had much time to sit down and write. Never fear, "Geek of the Week" and "It Came From the $5 Bin" will return next week . . . with a vengeance!

I have today off, and it's a good thing because Discovery ID is having a "Deadly Women" marathon. "Deadly Women" is pretty much my favorite show. (The new season starts tonight!) On each episode, three women are featured. Their one commonality is that they are all murderers. The episodes have a theme ("The Disturbed", "Young Blood", "Mothers Who Kill", etc.) and the stories are told through stylized dramatic reenactments. The reenactments are interspersed with interview sound bites from people involved in the case and analysis by experts. The show's main expert is Candice Delong, a former FBI profiler and the basis for Silence of the Lambs character Clarice Starling. (Side note: Delong is my hero. She is a total bad ass and seems like she wouldn't take crap from anybody!)

The show rocks mostly because of Delong, but I also like that they actively try to find actors that look like the real people. The music is appropriately ominous and the vignettes are well done. As a true crime fan, it is refreshing to hear about female killers and cases that are not well-known.

I won't just be watching TV all day, though. We have plans to go for sushi and . . . we are going to the midnight showing of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!!!! I am SO excited for this movie. (Expect a review sometimes this week!)

In celebration of my return to posting, I leave you with a picture of my new awesomely epic purse from Angry, Young, and Poor:

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