Saturday, August 21, 2010

Never Stop Looking Up

Sad news for the astronomy world today: Jack Horkheimer, director of the Miami Museum of Science Planetarium, died on Friday, August 20th at the age of 72. Horkheimer was the host of "Star Gazer", a series of five minute programs about the night sky, which aired on PBS. This show was a favorite of my dad's and is well-known to amateur astronomers everywhere.

Here is the last "Star Gazer" installment and Jack's final send-off:

Keep looking up, everyone.


  1. This is sad. I loved watching him too. It always seemed that I would happen upon his little spots and it always made me smile!

  2. I know . . . I totally remember watching this with my dad. It was perfect, because they were five minutes long - just enough to keep you interested and long enough for you to learn something.


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