Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Heart: The Frozen in Carbonite Edition

The CDC acknowledges the inevitability of the zombie apocalypse. (Or it's a fun marketing ploy - either way, it's awesome.)  It attracted so much attention that the site still hasn't recovered.  ThinkGeek has provided a supplement, complete with a supply list.

Artist Rahzzah's mashup of X-Men and the Muppets, entitled "X-Muppets".

ThinkGeek's new superhero tees for women.  I'm a big fan of the hockey stripes and the 3/4 sleeves.  Choose from Batman, Green Lantern (my fav), Superman, and The Flash.

This adorable short/potential Meetup ad from Eric B. Shanks.  (Robots need friends, too!)

Han in carbonite ice trays - I love a good silicone ice tray (I have Space Invaders, brains, and Pi shaped trays, and I'm planning to get the robot tray very soon.), so I was super excited to see these amazing ice trays coming soon to the Star Wars Shop.

Adorable bookworm cake toppers - This handmade cake topper couple shows the bride and groom's love of books.

Don't worry about coming up with the best proposal ever, because this guy's already got it covered. (Bonus: Taking the time to get popcorn on the way.  I would totally do that.):

Meghan Draws Weird - Meghan Murphy's Tumblr blog of pencil sketches.  She takes requests from followers - my favorite is this sketch of the "IT Crowd" guys and gal).  Be sure to check out her hilarious cartoon site Kawaii Not as well.

Wizards & Warriors Camp - A summer camp in Burlington, MA for 7-12 year old fantasy fans.  Similar to LARP play, the camp also introduces kids to history, literature, chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, and archeology - all taught in the context of the fantasy world of Sidleterra.  Professional actors interact with the campers to enhance the ongoing story.  (Who else wishes they were 12 right about now?)

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