Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Certified Gleek

I love Fox's "Glee". Unfortunately for the show, this pretty much seals its doom. Every show I've loved and been excited to watch (with the exceptions of "Big Bang Theory" and "Mad Men") has been swiftly cancelled with little to no mercy. Don't believe me? Look at the fates of "My So-Called Life", "Popular", "Freaks and Geeks", "Carnivale", "Dead Like Me", and most depressing of all - "Pushing Daisies." (By the way, someone owes Bryan Fuller big time.) It seems like any time a show is a little to close to home or a little too quirky, the network gods squash it into a crimson stain on the TV Guide schedule. I understand that it has to do with ratings and viewers and all that crap, but it's really frustrating seeing mind-numbing shows like "Flavor of Love" (which had several seasons!), "Real World" (seriously, they're still making these?), and "American Idol/Dancing with the Stars/So You Think You Can Dance", et al become a part of the American lexicon. I am a firm believer that you lose IQ points watching these shows. And a smart, fun, unusual show can't catch a break. What is wrong with this picture?

"Glee", like all the shows that were mercilessly cancelled after their 1st or 2nd season, is amazing. It deserves a fair shot, but it probably won't get one. Not enough people are watching it or not enough of the right people are watching it. There will be some lame excuse as to why it won't get picked up and television viewers will suffer for it. And then when the next awesome show comes along, we'll get attached and love it, and it, too, will die a premature death.

I hate to be so pessimistic, but unfortunately, I've been burned too many times. I sincerely hope that "Glee" gets the chance it so richly deserves, but I have to be prepared for the worst. I'm crossing my fingers for it to get picked up again, but at the very least if it's going to end, I'm hoping it doesn't end with a cliffhanger. Or is that too much to ask, Fox?

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