Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WHEATON!!! (WARNING: Serious Spoilers for this Week's "Big Bang Theory")

Seriously, how awesome was Wil Wheaton in this week's "Big Bang Theory"? He didn't have a huge role, but it was sooo funny to see him lay the smack down on Sheldon. (Especially since I have a hunch he's a super nice guy in real life.) Raj was also pretty hilarious and it's nice to see that his character is getting more good lines. (My personal favorite so far: "I swear to cow.") Another refreshing new development: Howard actually connected with a girl without totally creeping her out!

The nice thing about the series is that the secondary characters can pick up the slack where the main characters fall a bit flat. As happy as I was to see Leonard and Penny hook up, their relationship isn't a sparky as it was when Leonard loved her from afar. (Hopefully it's just a transitional period.) The finally getting together can suck the life out of most shows. Perfect example: Robin and Barney's relationship is killing "How I Met Your Mother". I mean, come on, a huge part of the show is Barney scoring with random chicks and being an ass. Luckily for "Big Bang" all of the recurring characters are strong performers, which makes the damage minimal. (There were some cute moments with them, though. I loved the Google bit.) I think as long as they play up the other characters strengths, Leonard and Penny can be as cutesy-wutesy as they wanna be (well . . . almost).

Incidentally, Wil Wheaton has a pretty awesome blog (with a post about tonight's episode). http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ Check it out!

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