Thursday, January 7, 2010

B&N . . . Why Must You Torment Me With Your Awesomeness?!?

I have to admit, when I first saw the Kindle, I scoffed. "What is this world coming to?" I wondered. "Reading a book on a machine will NEVER be as good as reading an actual book!"

But alas, I must now eat my words. While watching "Attack of the Show" today, they featured Barnes & Noble's answer to the Kindle . . . The Nook. It's basically the same concept, except the eBooks are cheaper and when you sync the Nook up with Barnes & Noble's WiFi, you get free cafe coupons. (Not to mention that you can have the majority of your library in one location.)

Don't get me wrong, I love books. I love reading, and truthfully, reading on a machine would take some getting used to. I would miss the sound of turning pages and even the way the words simply look on the page. Books are very dear to my heart and a machine could never completely replace them.

That being said . . . I am extremely hard on books. I dogear the pages, most of the covers get torn after numerous trips in my purse, and many of my books have food (or Dr. Pepper) spills in them. It would be nice to have access to a portable book without having to worry about it falling apart.

Finally, it's almost my duty, both as a reader and a geek, to boldly invest in reading tech. The Nook . . . Coming to a birthday near me!!!

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