Monday, January 11, 2010

Okay, "How I Met Your Mother" . . . We're Fighting Now

Seriously . . . I can't take much more of this, "And that's how I almost met your mother" crap. Either don't mention it until Ted actually meets her, or frickin' introduce the mother already!

And why is Robin still on the show? She brings nothing to the table, she's not nearly as funny/endearing as the rest of the cast, and I hate to break this to her (or Cobie Smulders?), but she's not that hot.

We need more Barney and less everybody else. In fact, they should just rename it "Barney is . . . wait for it . . . Awesome" and on the final episode, just say, "Oh, and this is how Ted met your mom."

How about it, Carter Bays?


  1. I have been saying this exact thing since the beginning of Season 3!!

    I just so happened to stumble upon your blog page and saw this, had to comment.

    Season 4 was just awful. This season, while funny, shows that Ted isn't even the main character anymore. Lilly & Marshall take center stage some nights, and others it's Barney (this past mondays episode). How is Ted telling his kids what's going on in these peoples lives if he isn't even in the scene?!

    Show us who owns the yellow umbrella and WRAP IT UP!!

    Also Smulders is not hot! Certainly not nearly as hot as the beautiful Sarah Chalke (Stella)!

    Ok had to vent. Nice work!

  2. I totally agree. While I love Barney, and to a lesser degree, Lily and Marshall, it's like the writers don't even find Ted interesting enough to write about any more. As annoying as the show has been lately, though, I am SO glad that Robin and Barney aren't dating anymore. It almost made the show unwatchable! I also think Sarah Chalke is much prettier than Cobie Smulders, and, while I found her character annoying on "Scrubs", Stella was a pretty good match for Ted.


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