Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart: Sock Monkey Madness

Apparently, it was sock monkey weekend for Kris and me.  We gave our friends' little girls pink baby sock monkeys for Easter and then ended up receiving a baby sock monkey of our own, as well as a sock monkey jack-in-the-box and yo-yo!

Sock monkeylicious Easter gifts
How cute is this guy?

The tiniest sock monkey

Adorable sock monkey earrings

My favorite pajama brand, Nick & Nora, has awesome sock monkey PJs (I have the Christmas ones!), including this new style.

This picture of Kris and Darby:

It counts because you can see a sock monkey head behind the chair.

This is still my favorite commercial (Bonus: Robot doing the robot!):

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  1. That Kia commercial was so kick ass! Also a favorite of mine!!!!


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