Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sick Day Essentials

I love this guy, but like most small children, he breeds germs.  With a hefty amount of Purell and hand washing, I seem to avoid being sick most of the time.  Kris is not so lucky.  Someone sneezes in his direction and he catches a cold.  (This is mostly due to allergy/sinus problems weighing down his immune system.)  With the up and down weather changes, he didn't stand a chance against the booger machine.

So, now Kris is sick.  And that means I get to play caretaker.  Since we've been together for a loooong time, I know the necessary items to get us both through a Kris cold unscathed.

Sick Kris (with Darby in the foreground and the monkey lying on the floor)

Kris's Sick Day Essentials

1.  Star Wars comforter

It's the perfect thickness for hanging out on the couch - not too hot, but thick enough to keep him warm.

2.  Red sock monkey

Kris's dad and stepmom gave us matching sock monkeys for Christmas after I fell in love with an adorable anniversary card they gave us last year.  Kris occasionally curls up with his monkey when he's not feeling well or especially tired.

3.  Ginger ale and crackers

This comes straight from his childhood.  When he was sick as a kid, he barely ate anything else.

4.  Creamy Chicken Noodle soup

Think "Cream of Chicken" mixed with "Chicken Noodle".  Yeah, I don't understand it either.

5.  The guy's version of "trashy TV"

Lots of "Destination Truth" and "Ghost Adventures", with a little bit of Science Channel and National Geographic thrown in for balance.

Even though I don't really get sick, per se, I do get a lot of killer migranes.  For comparison, here are my . . . 

Sick Day Essentials

1.  Funny and/or nostalgic movies

As a kid, I had specific movies that I watched when I was sick.  (e.g. Singin' in the Rain and The Ten Commandments)  Now, I'm not so rigid, but the flicks do have to give me warm fuzzies.  (Some of my favorites are Labyrinth, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and The Lost Boys.)

2.  Big, comfy pajamas

I like these for sleeping as well, but when I don't feel well, they're absolutely necessary.  My favs right now are my newly purchased Pac-Man pjs.  They're guy's pajama pants, which means they're infinitely more comfortable than women's pjs.  (Why is that?)

3.  Socks

Normally, I hate wearing socks.  When I'm not wearing shoes, I usually go barefoot rather than keeping my socks on.  I only wear socks around the house when I don't feel well.  Something about having them on then makes me feel warm and cozy.

4.  Cream soda and Chicken NoodleOs

I'm a Dr. Pepper fiend, but it's not the greatest thing for a sick person to imbibe.  I compromise by drinking cream soda (still carbonated, but not caffeinated).  I don't compromise on the Chicken NoodleOs, though.  They're a must and no other chicken soup will do.

5.  A long, hot shower

I'm of the firm belief that a lengthy, near-boiling hot shower can fix (almost) anything.

What little things help you get well faster?

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  1. Oh, I hope he gets better soon. Wish I had a Stars Wars comforter for sick days.


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