Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Heart: The "It's My Birthday and I'll Watch Movies If I Want To" Edition

3D Drive-In Knee Highs - These make me want to start collecting socks.

This amazing iPhone cover - I don't have an iPhone, but if I did, I would definitely get this cover for it.  It's a movie-lover's dream!

Kevin Murphy's A Year at the Movies - 365 movie reviews from the hilarious Kevin Murphy (voice of Tom Servo from "MST3K")

This Jaws-inspired greeting card from Etsy shop, RichieDesign.

The Film Club - Canadian television personality David Gilmour's memoir about allowing his teenage son to drop out of high school and watch three movies a week.  Part film analysis, part parenting experiment, the book details the highs and lows of their unique father-son relationship.

These awesome brightly colored movie ending bookends!  (The "Fin" and "The End" are my favorites.)

I love journals and this VHS style notebook is right up my alley!

Pulp and Fiction pillows for Tarantino fans.

The Shaun of the Dead action figure (he talks!) I received as an early birthday gift from my very generous friends!

Shaun (in box)
Shaun (out of box)
Speaking of birthday gifts, my awesome mom gave me this amazing Joan Jett Barbie!

I love this SO much!

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