Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 2011 Summer Essentials

1.  Lots of books - My favorite thing to do in the summer months is head down to the gorgeous nearby park and read outdoors.  I like to read a mix of summery classics and lighter reads.  (I'll be posting my summer reading list later this week!)

2.  Sunscreen - I'm extra white and I burn at the drop of a hat, so sunscreen is a MUST.  I like to carry around a travel tube for easy reapplication.

3.  Scented lotion - Heat amplifies fragrance and can make perfumes overbearing.  Scented lotion is an excellent less potent option.  My favorite is Bath & Body Works' Lemon Vanilla (part of the "Summer Vanillas" collection).

4.  Dr Pepper Lip Smacker - This is a year-round must, but absolutely vital in the summer and winter months.

5.  Water bottle - Colorado is extremely dry, so hydrating is necessary when spending any time outside. 

6.  Jean skirt - I'm not a fan of shorts, so this skirt is my go-to for when the heat gets unbearable.

7.  iPod - My iPod gets a workout during the summer, between trips to the park and exercising!

8.  Nook - I do most of my traveling in the summer, and I bring my Nook along to take multiple books without occupying more space.

9.  Flip flops - I always buy a cheap pair of flip flops at the beginning of the season for errands and trips to the pool.

10.  Limeade (not pictured) - I love the cold, tart sweetness of limeade in the summer.  We buy it by the gallon from the grocery store, but I also love Sonic's cherry limeade as a special summer treat.

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