Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Mind Has Been Totally Blown

I was almost asleep, so I may have been dreaming, but I believe I just saw a Sunkist ad featuring a recent 30 Seconds to Mars single. Aren't they supposed to be an ironic indie band - the antithesis of commercial selling out (and citrusy sodas)?

Normally, I wouldn't bother even commenting, because I hate when people claim a band has "sold out" because their song was used in a commercial/TV show/movie, but I can't seem to resist taking a jab at frontman Jared Leto - especially since he threatened poor tiny Elijah Wood for not liking his music. (Can you say, "30 Seconds to Douche"?)*

Maybe he needed money to buy more guyliner and sad little scarves.

*Note to Mr. Leto . . . Please don't kill me.

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