Saturday, August 27, 2011

It Came From FearNet ... Devour (Geektastic 2.0)

Devour (2005)
Rated R for violence

Directed by David Winkler

Starring: Jensen Ackles
Shannyn Sossamon
Dominique Swain
William Sadler

Jake Gray (Ackles) heads to class on his 21st birthday after having several disturbing nightmares.  He’s had a pretty hard life.  His mother was paralyzed in a car accident and his father is a relapsed alcoholic.  Currently, he’s putting himself through school working in a strip mall computer repair shop and has a complete jerk of a boss.  When his friends Conrad and Dakota (Swain) introduce him to a weird live role-playing game, The Pathway, as an escape, Jake is intrigued.  Once someone begins playing The Pathway, they are called on their cell phone and given instructions.  Jake is fired because his boss wants to replace him with his fresh-from-jail pot-dealing nephew and he is only too happy to obey the voice on the other end of the line suggesting he gets even.

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