Saturday, February 26, 2011

Geeky Winter Essentials

My cousin and fellow blogger, Annette, posted a list of her winter essentials on her blog, A Simple Breath.  It got me thinking about the things that get me through the winter blahs.

1.  Knit zombie earflap beanie and black cotton gloves - It gets pretty cold here, so hats and gloves are essential.  The hat is adorable (in addition to keeping my head warm) and these little one-size-fits-all cotton gloves are warm and still allow me to read on my commute.

2.  Soap & Glory's Great Shakes Hand Cream - It's a British brand, but Target carried it for a while (They gave me time to fall in love with the stuff . . . and snatched it away.  The website reports that the brand should be back in the States in September 2011, though!).  It softens your hands without making them greasy and lotion is definitely a winter essential in an already dry climate.

3.  Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker - I'm a Dr. Pepper fiend and the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker has been my go-to chap stick for about twenty years.  I wear it all year long, but I have an extra one just for my coat pocket to keep my lips from getting chapped by the chilly winter winds.

4.  Queen of Hearts hoodie - I don't like to crank the heat, so I put on this lightweight hoodie to keep warm when hanging out at the house.  It's also the perfect replacement for a jacket on warmer winter days.  And it's awesome.

5.  Netflix - Movies magically delivered to your house (and gaming console!)?  Yes, please.

6.  TV show box sets - There's nothing better than spending a snowy day watching your favorite shows.  My picks right now:  hilarious British comedy "Spaced", "MST3K" (always!), and the late great "Pushing Daisies"

7.  A big bowl of buttery microwave popcorn - It just completes a movie marathon in a way nothing else can.

8.  Movie notebook - The perfect way to keep track of movies you want to see; a must as major release dates are approaching!

9.  Wintry books - Something about reading these books in the season they are set helps enhance the mood beautifully.  I like to read Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist and Ghost Story by Peter Straub around this time of year.

10.  (Not pictured) Clam chowder and a basket of piping hot fish and chips (with plenty of vinegar!) - Nothing cures the winter blues like seeing that basket lined with newspaper and knowing it's for you! Mmmmmm . . .

What helps you get through until spring?


  1. Love the hat and mittens, it's so YOU! I would probably add a hot bowl of homemade soup to my list too. But it's a tough call between Sausage Bean Chowder, Vegetarian Chili, or Potato Leek Soup.

  2. Thanks! I have a robot hat too, but I get a lot of strange looks when I wear that one, so I tend to wear the zombie one more often.


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