Thursday, January 27, 2011

Attention Netflix Users/"MST3K" Fans!

You probably already know that some of the guys (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" have formed RiffTrax, producing downloadable riff commentaries for films that range from B-movies to recent releases.  What you may not know is that some of their most popular titles and collections of shorts are available on Netflix.  The guys are trying to start a campaign via Twitter (@BillCorbett, @kwmurphy, @michaeljnelson) to move these titles to the "Instant Play" catalogue - a move guaranteed to get them more hits, but Netflix says there has to be more demand for RiffTrax to make the move.  Support your favorite bots and add the RiffTrax titles to your queue.  I highly recommend Plan 9 From Outer Space, Night of the Living Dead, and any of the short collections.  (While you're there, you can add classic "MST3K" titles to your Instant queue!)

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