Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm In Love With a Blog

Bored and looking for new reading material, I looked through the Blogs of Note archive and found this gem. As I read through a handful of the posts, I discovered a kindred spirit. Indy Grrrl is a fan of many of the same things I love - including (but not limited to): kitties, Target, fun socks, books, movies (especially horror, and best of all, cult/cheesy horror and sci-fi), Alice in Wonderland, Tarantino, and "Twilight Zone". She lives in Baltimore with her tattoo artist husband and a cavalcade of beautiful cats. Remember what I said about style? This girl has it - in spades (or possibly candy pink hearts). Color me Jello x 10.


  1. What a sweet post : ) Thanks for the kind words!


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