Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet My Cats

I talk about my cats a lot and they are my furry children, so I figured you should meet them:

Name:  Sullivan Mae

Age:  2 (almost 3)

Nickname:  Monkey

Fun Facts:  Sleeps in the sink, Meows at the mirror because she thinks it's another cat.

Likes:  sleeping, sitting on window sills, chewing power cords (much to our dismay), starting fights with her sister

Dislikes:  being woken up, when Darby uses the litter box first, closed doors

Name:  Darby Shea

Age:  2

Nicknames:  Darb, D'Arbtgnan

Fun Facts:  She is extra small and missing a foot

Likes:  sleeping, rolling on the floor, looking cute, stealing sips of beer

Dislikes:  having her nails clipped, putting her stump on the linoleum

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