Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home II: Return of Home Sweet Home

And now, where we spend most of our time . . .

The main seating area

Side table (with sushi plushes!)

Grindhouse poster above the couch

The DVD bookshelf ("Twilight Zone", Forbidden Planet, The Birds, and "MST3K" are all represented!)
More DVD shelves (rayguns and Domo!)

Bow down and worship . . . the cat pirate ship!
Awesome sci-fi posters (The Astonishing She-Monster and Creature From the Black Lagoon)

Top Shelf:  Zombie shrine  Bottom Shelf:  Monster High dolls (Oh . . . and books)
Monster Domos, Jason Foster from "The Masks", Alice, and Scott Pilgrim  (and more books)

Legos . . .
. . . and the man who built them (and Sullivan)

And last but not least . . . the evil genius chair (complete with sock monkeys and Darby)


  1. sock monkey mini:

  2. That's a house with personality! Love it.

    I'm also a fan of horror movies and comic books.

    You can check my blog here :

  3. @Rhianna - So adorable! Things like that make me wish I could knit.

    @Arion - Thanks! Love what I've read so far. Looks like I've got some comic shopping to do!


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