Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Saturday Review: This Week

Since I don't have anything specific to review, I'll let you in on how my week went.  My best friend J.D. and her geekling, Monkeyface, came out to visit us, along with her boyfriend and another good friend.  A good time was had by all and we geeked out at the Lego store, the comic book store, and various other places.  Monkeyface had a blast tormenting the kitties and playing with our toys.  (He especially like the germs!)

In ask and you shall receive news, J.D. gave me the "Bewitched" Barbie as a late Christmas/early birthday present and it's just as beautiful as it looks online!

And in Hallelujah! news, Kris finally cut his shaggy hair and shaved off the scary homeless guy beard!

The Before:  Kris with Sir Monkeyface
And the (oh-so-handsome) After!
And you can probably tell by the return of pictures that I once again have a computer.  Since Lappy met his ill-fated demise, we bought a Toshiba netbook that, so far, has been awesome.  Meet the new addition:

I love the color!
Teeny tiny laptop
It's adorbz!
This new guy needs a name - any suggestions?

I had an awesome (and busy!) week.  How about you?


  1. My week was awesome. I spent it with my two bestest best friends. Oh wait that is you and Kris. Miss you guys so much already. I can't wait to see you guys next month.

  2. Awww . . .so glad you had a good time. I was able to get Skype on my netbook (and I finally have a working webcam), so we should set aside a regular time and day to chat - even if it's just for a few minutes.


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