Friday, March 4, 2011

Your Signature Here

A while back, I wrote a post about style.  I wasn't sure I had any, but after talking to a fashion-forward friend, she pointed out that everyone is continually drawn to specific items and these items often become a part of their signature.  Even if you don't think about these "signature pieces", other people notice and recognize them as part of your look.  My very wise friend says if you are unsure about how to create your own style, you should start with the items, colors, and patterns you are repeatedly drawn to and build your style from there.

Here are my signature items:
  •  Dark plastic framed glasses - I tried the metal framed glasses, but the pads always pinched my nose and I loved the Buddy Holly-esque square frames that I saw many people wear.  I got plastic frames for my second pair of glasses and never looked back.
  • Black Converse All-Star High Tops - Genetically cursed with flat feet, Converse All-Stars are the shoes I find most comfortable.  My dad wore Converses when I was growing up and I think my affinity started because I associated the shoes with him.
  • Polka Dots - I've always been a fan of classic movies and retro clothing, but when I started working at a '50s-style diner I was given carte blanche to go all out.  My favorite items had black and white polka dots and this beloved pattern carried over into my regular life as well.  Polka dots have been on everything from my pajamas to elements of my wedding.
Our beautiful polka dot and fuchsia cake!

My bouquet (wrapped in polka dot ribbon)

  • Fun earrings - I got my ears pierced later than most girls and I always loved funky earrings, especially when they were shaped like various objects.  My first pair of dangly earrings were silver fish bones similar to these.  (I still have and wear them, and I always get compliments!)  Since then, I've acquired earrings that look like sushi, playing cards, Gummi bears, and even nails.
  • Cherries - At the diner, we were expected to sign our names on our tickets with a little flourish.  Inspired by a cute dress my mom had given me to wear under my uniform, I began drawing cherries next to my signature and it blossomed from there.  My absolute favorite earrings are these rhinestone cherries:
10 years and still going strong!
  • Black glitter nail polish - I've worn black nail polish on and off for years and my favorite manicures have been black glittery nails with white tips.  When I do my own nails, my favorite polish is Sonia Kashuk Starry Night, which Target sells for $4.99 - an excellent price for quality polish.

One of my most recognizable signatures is about to change - my red hair.  I've had different shades of red hair for about ten years.  I was born blonde, but as I got older my hair inched toward brown and stopped somewhere in the middle, leaving my hair a kind of dishwater blonde/brown hybrid.  I had always envied girls with red hair (especially Molly Ringwald) and began dying my hair red during my first year of college.  I still love red hair, but I'm ready for a change - at least for a little while.  (I'll be posting my new look on Tuesday, so come back to check it out.)

What do you consider to be your "signature pieces"?


  1. Love this little piece about your style. Girl you definetly got some! I like those cherry earings. Of course the black plastic rimmed frames too, rock it!

  2. Aww, thanks! I love those cherry earrings so much I bought two extra pairs in case I lose them!


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